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Getting the Newbie Up to Speed

What with the shortage of experienced salespeople these days, more and more sales managers are finding themselves forced to hire “newbies” "” people who, while interested in sales, have had little or no experience. This can often cause more problems than it solves. Frankly, I consider the hiring of non-salespeople for sales jobs to be […]

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Why Sales Managers Are Driven to Drink

If you’re not already there, here’s an exercise that will drive most sales managers to drink (as if just being a sales manager isn’t reason enough for hitting the bottle). You are about to take a walk into the world of what should be, but isn’t. Let me explain. There is a good chance that […]

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Care & Feeding of Superstars

Every sales manager hopes and prays for a team full of superstars. Never happens! In fact, most sales managers I know would kill for just one superstar. Heck, just a plain old star would be nice. The average sales team tends to follow the classic bell curve with about 10 to 15 percent of the […]

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