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Setting Price Expectations

No one likes sticker shock, not you and certainly not your prospect. The last thing you want when you mention your final price is for the prospect to gasp, clutch his heart and keel over. That’s why it’s wise to prepare your prospect for what’s to come in terms of the financial investment he will […]

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SWOT the Competition

Have you, or any of your salespeople, ever been blindsided by a prospect that mentions something about a competitor’s product or service that you knew nothing about? Just when you thought the sale was going so well and there you are, standing with egg dripping from your face. Don’t let this happen to your salespeople. […]

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The Loneliest Job in the World

This article is for those of you who have been in sales for some time. Those of you for whom the glow of the job is beginning to dim a bit. Some non-salespeople think that salespeople lead an incredibly busy social life, full of free meals and days on the golf course. That we get […]

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