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Dealing With the Long-Distance Buyer

No, I’m not referring to a prospect that buys long-distance telephone services. This is about the buyer who is out of reach, the one you can’t contact directly because he or she is too distant. Sometimes this distance is due to geography "” the key decision maker is located in some other city or country. […]

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Don’t Be Afraid to Train

Some sales managers are afraid to train! That’s right. They don’t want to train because they either feel it might be an admission that the people they hired aren’t up to snuff, or they’re concerned about what upper management might say if they ask for training dollars. Two Key Facts Here are a couple of […]

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Are Your Salespeople Squandering Sales Leads?

If you display at trade shows you may be wasting your time and money. Actually, you may not be wasting it, but your salespeople might be. How? By ignoring potential sales opportunities. Let me explain. Sales Lead Bonanza Trade shows draw anywhere from 5,000 to 100,000 or more attendees and provide a valuable sales and […]

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