It’s Lonely at the Top

It doesn’t matter if you are a sales manager or business owner, it’s lonely at the top. You are often called upon to make decisions in a vacuum without the benefit of being able to bounce your ideas off of someone else. When those decisions impact your sales efforts, they impact your bottom line.

Salespeople Need to be Managed

Salespeople can be like a litter of kittens, and you know what’s it’s like to herd kittens. Left on their own, salespeople can create lots of activity but not a lot of sales.

  • Even a sales team of one needs to be managed and many business owners are ill-equipped to provide the sales management expertise needed to ensure sales success. We can help.
  • If you have five or less salespeople, you probably don’t need a sales manager but the salespeople still need to be managed. We can help.
  • If you have between 6 and 10 salespeople, your best bet is a working sales manager, someone who can manage the sales team but also carries a reduced account load. We can help.
  • If you have more than 10 salespeople, you need a full-time sales manager. Depending upon that person’s sales management experience and/or workload, we may be able to help.

Long Distance Sales Management

There is no doubt that meeting with your salespeople on a weekly, or even more frequent basis, is a more effective way to manage and lead the team, and it is the preferred method.

There are situations where the sales management function is executed by long distance. For example, in many larger organizations, the sales manager may only see the salespeople face-to-face once or twice a year and the rest of the time communications are conducted by telephone mini-meetings or webinars.

Whatever your situation, I may be able to help.

How Can I Help?

Before I can answer that question, I need to better understand what your sales management challenges are. So let’s talk about those challenges. Today. Now. While they’re on your mind.

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